Can Notepad++ Compile C++?

Within the world of coding, perhaps few languages stand on top quite like C++.

C++ is one of the world’s biggest leaders in the coding space, thanks to the fact that it can be used to create beautiful and intuitive operating systems and graphical interfaces.

You’ve likely used a program that was built in C++ yourself!

Notepad++ is an equally popular source code editor that can be used to house multiple coding languages and can be used to safely store code on a platform that is totally free, and very secure.

But is it possible to compile C++ code on the Notepad++ platform?

This is a question that many Notepad++ users have asked, and so we have set out to answer this question once and for all.

Read on below to get the answers you have been seeking!

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Can Notepad++ Compile C++?


Yes. Though the feature is only a recent addition, it is very much possible to compile C++ code by using the Notepad++ platform.

In order to do it, you will need to copy the code below and paste it into a new Notepad++ file:

“#include using namespace std;

Int main() {
cout<< “Hello, World! \n”;
Return 0;

Once you have entered that code correctly, all you then need to do is save your Notepad++ file under whichever name you desire, and as a “.cpp” file.

You can also compile the data in a Notepad++ file by pressing down the keys “Ctrl” and “6” simultaneously, or by heading to the menu and finding the Notepad++ execute dialog.

Once you have found the dialog, simply click on the option marked “C++ Compile” amongst the dropdown list.

After you have done that, simply press the “OK” button, and your file will then be compiled!

Can You Compile And Run A Program In Notepad++?

Yes. If you want to compile your Notepad++ file into a readable form and have it be run directly within Notepad++, then all you need to do is hold down the “Ctrl”, and “7” keys simultaneously.

You can also head to the menu and click through the options to find what you need.

Head to the Plugins menu, and look for the NppExec option. Click on that option, and you will then be met with an “Execute” option.

Scroll down and you will also find the “C++ Compile And Run” option in the dropdown menu.

Once you have found it, simply hit “OK”, and the compilation process will begin.

Do You Need To Set Anything Up To Compile C++ In Notepad++?

You may find that you need to establish a system path before you can use Notepad++ to compile C++.

If so, don’t worry, because it is quite easy to do.

Find The Cygwin Bin

First, you will need to find the path that leads you towards the Cygwin bin on your computer.

This can be done by searching through the computer’s directory.

Once you find the Cygwin bin, simply find its path, and copy it. It will usually read as “;C:\cygwin\bin”.

Open Your Computer’s System

Now you will need to play around a little bit in the settings of your computer.

Find the system menu by checking the taskbar on your Windows desktop.

Once you have found it, open it, and then search for the “System Properties” option which can be found under the “Advanced System Settings” link.

Within that new menu, you will be met with a dialog box that allows you to choose from multiple different options.

Search for the option that is marked as “Environmental Variables”.

Once you select that, you will be taken to a separate menu where you can now choose the “Systems Variables” option, which can be found right towards the bottom.

Find the “Path” variable, and when it is highlighted, click on the “Edit” button.

From there, you will be able to directly edit the environmental variable.

Edit The System Variable

Once you are given the opportunity to edit the system variable, you will want to add the path to the Cygwin bin to the very end of the variable list by right-clicking and pasting.

It is important that you add it to the very end of the variable list, as it could cause glitches in other areas of your computer if not done correctly.

Make sure to take your time and err on the side of caution.

To Conclude

The Notepad++ program can very easily be used to compile C++ data, and what makes it really shine is that it is then easy to use to then run that same data.

Notepad++ was designed to be used with any coding language, and, as such, can very easily be used with C++.

We hope that this guide has answered all of your burning questions and that you now feel confident to compile your C++ data entirely within Notepad++.

It is easy to do, but the margin for error is slightly wider than you may expect, so it is important to be cautious and slow as you go through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What C++ Is Used For?

C++ is a very powerful coding language that can be used to develop operating systems and games, and as such is a very popular option amongst developers and web designers.

This is thanks to how sturdy it is. However, C++, thanks to its incredible power, is also quite difficult to get to grips with, initially.

Should I Use Notepad++?

Yes. Notepad++ represents a number of serious upgrades over the very standard text editing notebook that can be found on the Windows operating system.

It is a very versatile platform that can accommodate multiple coding languages, and one of the best things about it is the fact that the platform is totally free of charge.

Is C++ Hard To Learn?

C++ has become quite notorious thanks to the fact that it can be very difficult to learn and to get to grips with.

It would take much practice and plenty of patience to become competent at using the C++ coding language!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.