Does Programming Require Physics?

When learning to program, everybody wonders “What knowledge do I need to have to start?” 

There is no simple answer, because there is a lot you could know to be better at programming and for it to be easier, but, on the other hand, you don’t have to know a lot of other stuff. 

The question is whether you need to know physics to learn to program and be good at it. 

In this article, you’ll find out if you need physics for programming, and if so, where and why. 

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Does Programming Need Physics?

Does Programming Require Physics

The answer is pretty straightforward – it depends. 

It depends on what, you may ask. 

Well… on a lot of things. 

For starters, it depends on the field you want to work in. Let’s look at the example below. 

Let’s say you are a game developer. 

You build video games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. It’s crucial to understand that after several, for example, shots, your arm in the game will stop when it reaches a specific temperature. That is the actual physics right there. 

In the same case, understanding the fall velocity is crucial for using a parachute. Likewise, understanding how elements function inside a fluid is crucial (water, for example, air, etc.).

In the programming world, stuff like math, physics, chemistry, etc., is very important, but it’s not like you can’t program if you are not knowledgeable in those fields. 

The capacity for critical thought is far more crucial!

Can I Be a Programmer Without Physics?

As previously stated, there is no requirement for physics in programming. 

So no, a physics degree is not required to be a programmer.

On the other hand, the skills you acquire as a physicist will help you if you want to become a programmer!

Physics in Programming

There is something called a physics programmer. 

Software developed by physics programmers is the foundation for collisions, crashes, and movement of other objects. 

The result must resemble what would occur when, for instance, a car goes through water or catches fire. 

To make this happen, physics programmers develop the code based on physics principles. 

It demands highly developed programming and physics skills. It also has to have the correct amount of joy and realism while seeming like a game.

Programmers in the field of physics collaborate with those in the fields of artificial intelligence and animation (AI). Additionally, they closely collaborate with testers and answer the main programmer.

There are several things that physics programmers are good at: 

  1. They have a solid understanding of arithmetic, including algebra, trigonometry, and physics principles.
  2. They have a working knowledge of new scripting languages and systems.
  3. They understand game engines and platforms, including the limitations and needs for developing game consoles, PCs, handhelds, and mobile devices.
  4. They understand the gameplay. They know how the game’s physical effects will enhance user enjoyment.
  5. They can create innovative systems and find inventive methods to use them.
  6. They communicate with other team members, such as testers, animators, and AI programmers, to share their skills.

So, if you want to create games and present your creativity in that field, you should have a lot of knowledge of physics. 

If you are passionate about games, it shouldn’t be hard to learn physics and use it in app development!

Learning Curve for Becoming Physics Programmer

This role is ideal for you if you like math, coding, and physics and if you love designing and creating new stuff!

Realistic movement is essential to a fulfilling gaming experience, from a structure collapsing to a ball flying through the air.

You use math and physics to craft game design as a physics programmer. For example, the player could be able to see cars collide or feel an explosion’s shockwave thanks to your programming.

You collaborate with the designers to make a gaming environment engaging to engage with and feel authentic, dependable, and constant.

This is just a short description of what is waiting for you if you decide to work in the physics programming field. 

Most of those who work as physics programmers are educated in physics, engineering, computer science, or gaming. 

Above all, you ought to have a passion for technology, programming, and original problem-solving.

As a professional, you will be incorporating real-world physics like gravity, force, and energy into the game. 

Depending on the sort of game, Java and HTML5 are also employed in the most well-known game production engines, Unreal and Unity, respectively.

You must ensure that your resume sticks out to companies and course directors since employment in the games business is quite competitive.

Since physics programming is a specialized field, many aspiring physicists start their careers as junior programmers.

Whatever position you hold, you must comprehend the creation of video games, but passion is everything!

Example of Physics in Programming

Since now you know in which field you need physics, it is time to see the actual example. 

A fantastic example would be gravity in Super Mario games. But, of course, we all love Super Mario, right? So let’s learn how physics was applied to our all-time favorite game – Mario Galaxy Series. 

Thanks to a brilliant hack in the game’s engine, Mario may track the surface curvatures of the little, strange, randomly formed celestial bodies.

Essentially, a deft simplification of natural gravity allows the game to drag Mario’s feet toward the earth constantly. 

It can do that even if he hangs upside down or dangles sideways on an oddly curved planet.

It’s interesting to note that not every item in the game is subject to this gravitational force.

Something as basic and uncomplicated as the movement seems fanciful and incredible in Super Mario Galaxy. 

Mario seems right at home as he leaps, scampers, and slides through the hollow, spherical, and less geometrically pleasing realms.

More than eight years later, it still seems new and thrilling. The excellent execution makes the fantastic mechanism seem seamless and entirely natural.

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