Java or Python in LeetCode: Which One Is Better for the Interviewers?

There are no correct answers to the question, “Should I learn Java or Python in LeetCode, so I am prepared enough for the interviews?”. 

Each interview will be different, and each firm will ask for another set of skills. So, deciding which one you should go with is difficult, but this article might clarify things.

In this article, find out what you will get from Java and Python in LeetCode! 

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What is LeetCode?

Java or Python in LeetCode: Which One Is Better for the Interviewers?

With its main office in San Diego, California, LeetCode was established in 2015. 

You may practice with more than 2,350 questions on the website, and users can participate in challenges and competitions to win prizes. 

These issues might take many months to a year to solve.

The wonderful thing about LeetCode is that it offers various programming paradigms. 

LeetCode supports languages including C++, Python, Ruby, MySQL, and JavaScript. 

Additionally, there are forums where you may interact with people in the IT community and pick their brains on how to fix issues.

LeetCode’s main benefit is that it prepares you for the technical aspect of interviews. 

Although the coding interview process is challenging, LeetCode develops interview questions that you could encounter. 

For you to be ready for pretty much any technical question that comes your way throughout the interview process, LeetCode creates questions that may be asked of you during the procedure.

Java in LeetCode

If you start practicing Java in LeetCode, you will be ready for your interviews in no time. 

Here are some things you can learn in LeetCode about coding in Java.

First of all, you will be ready to solve even the most challenging questions and problems. LeetCode will provide the questions that will, in the end, enable you to solve issues that vary from easy to hard.

The next thing you will know how to do is how answer some common coding interview questions. 

LeetCode has a massive base of those questions, so it’s good to look at them. 

Also, during your LeetCode mission, you will learn how to approach the deconstruction of the coding interview problems. 

We all know that a good approach is like solving half of a problem in no time. So yes – LeetCode will enable you to do that quicker and more fluently.

And lastly, LeetCode Java interview questions will boost your problem-solving capacity. 

It is the same as when you don’t speak a language for quite some time, and when you start, you are not good at it. But, after some time, you begin to get more and more comfortable speaking the language. The same goes for Java!

Python in LeetCode

Do you remember when we said that if you start practicing Java in LeetCode, you will be ready for your interviews in no time? 

Well, the same goes for Python. 

If you take on the mission to learn how to deal with interviews with the help of the LeetCode, you will gain a lot. 

First, you will know how to use various data structures and techniques to solve easy and complex issues. 

Same as it was for Java in LeetCode, you will gain an essential perspective on how to recognize and set up both easy and challenging problems. 

Next, you will know how to respond to some of the most common interview queries from leading IT firms. You will basically be in the mindset and learn how to think that way. 

This means you can deconstruct the coding interview challenges in an organized, step-by-step way. 

There is also the knowledge of the popular patterns for problems which you may be asked in one of those interviews and IT firms. 

Alongside the popular patterns, you will gain knowledge of the data structures and algorithms, and the overall experience on LeetCode will boost your coding and problem-solving abilities.

What Are the Three Top Things You Will Get From Learning Java or Python in LeetCode?

The website Leetcode, which compiles questions and answers from technical interviews for some of the most sought-after businesses like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, is likely quite familiar to anybody looking for a career in software development.

Let’s see a quick overview of the things you will encounter fastly if you start learning with LeetCode.

#1 Data Structures and Algorithms are Critical

Leetcode is not a DSA course, and if you have no prior knowledge of the topic, you should attend a course designed to teach you the fundamentals to utilize the platform successfully. 

However, it excels in helping you comprehend in-depth how they function and what they are excellent at.

Let’s face it; every developer needs a strong foundation in data structures. 

Recently, we came across a report about how a straightforward algorithm modification was able to save 70% of the GTA V loading screen time. 

This demonstrates how effective implementation may enable an application to function normally under pressure.

#2 There is Always Someone That Knows More Than You

We are often reasonably pleased with the code after arriving at a solution. Still, it frequently evaporates when we read the comment area, where you may occasionally discover implementations that beat even the official answer.

In all honesty, we learned approximately half of what we know about LeetCode by carefully examining other people’s codes and attempting to follow their recommendations.

We are fortunate to have highly experienced seniors who have helped us grow. This mentality of learning from others has allowed us to absorb as much of their expertise as possible. 

This makes the concept that there is always more to learn even more true in this line of work.

#3 A Niggling Issue Might Ruin Your Day

When you just started writing codes, everything is okay if you commit an error in your code. It doesn’t affect you much because you don’t have a lot of people depending on you or your code. 

But, if you are working or will start working in a production database, thousands of people will interact with your work, so any problem, even one that affects a small edge case, is likely to surface and annoy or even harm your clients. 

Fortunately, Leetcode is a great teaching environment. Every issue contains hundreds of test cases, frequently having every edge situation that might cause the code to fail if not considered.


LeetCode is not a magic wand that will prepare you for the interviews quickly and efficiently. It will instead be slow, but the one thing that is promising, it will be efficient. 

LeetCode offers a lot of knowledge; you just have to be ready to come and get it! Good luck!

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